FAQ I know you may have questions - so please read through frequently asked questions before E-mailing .

#1 How can I contact you? The only way to make sure Todo gets your message is to e-mail him. He rarely replies to any questions posted on Face-book, Instagram or Twitter.

#2 How much does Todo charge? It depends on many factors like, size, area, and style, He can give you a ball park estimate once your concept has been accepted and the appointment process starts..

#3 Do you have a minimum charge? Yes his "Minimum is $500" for new projects, and "NO" he's not $500 an hour. Most of his daily appointments can run well over the Minimum so be prepared.

#4 How far out are you booked? Todo isn't booked years in advance like many people think, he books his appointments based on what he feels is the most creative and interesting ideas for Portrait style tattoo's. Once Todo accepts your concept he can most likely tattoo you within a few months or sooner if a day opens up.

#5 Why haven't you answered my e-mail? Due to the overwhelming demand it's not always possible to reply to each e-mail, but we do read every single one and extremely appreciate that you took the time to write Todo. Sorry if we don't get back you.

#6 Cancellations/Reschedules/No Show If you need to reschedule or cancel, Todo requires two (2) weeks notice to transfer deposit, otherwise deposit will be forfeited, and a new deposit will be required. If you no show for an appointment you will not get back on the calender.

#7 Will you do a cover up or finish another artist work? Sorry, Todo doesn't do cover-ups, but you can contact our other artist at ABT Tattoo and they may be able to help you. Todo won't finish another artist work simply because it's disrespectful.

#8 What do you like tattooing? Todo likes to tattoo (Color/Black and Grey- Human , Monster or Animal Portraits, Realism / Floral Design's only.


If you would like a portrait done of someone or a re-creation of something else such as a painting or photograph , please attach CLEAR – NON BLURRY – HIGH RESOLUTION - reference photos, Cell Phone Pics "MUST BE CLEAR" and original file size "NO SCREEN SHOTS OR SELFIE'S". Please understand that he will not re-create or copy another tattooer’s art or tattoo. However he can use their work as inspiration for creating a totally new concept if at all possible.

#9 Deposits and payment? Deposit are for tattoo appointments only, for the piece agreed upon, on the area of the body agreed upon. Deposits go towards your tattoo appointment. Deposits are payable by PayPal , credit card or Cash.

If you've read and understood these Faq's please proceed to the Online consultation form. (Todosform.html)