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ABT Tattoo is now Blue Torch Tattoo, same location. please contact mike for appointments.

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ABT Tattoo is now Blue Torch Tattoo owned by Mike Bugenhagen formally with ABT. We are at the same location and you can still send appointment requests at the bottom of this page. Todo is enjoying semi-retirement and is pursuing his painting career down in South Florida, more updates coming soon from him so be sure to follow his Instagram           









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Question two " Whats our procedure?"

With over 30 years of Sterile procedure training we follow a strict routine at ABT Tattoo. Every client receives a new single service set up including , Inks and Needles. All furniture is wiped down after each client using Madicide. Active Ingredients in Madicide-1 Disinfectant [ 1839-83-11703 ] Chemical Name Percentage of A. I. Alkyl* dimethyl ethylbenzyl ammonium chloride *(68%C12, 32%C14) 0.105 BTC 2125, component of (with 069111) 0.105 Data provided by Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade & Consumer Protection in cooperation with Kelly Registration Systems, Inc. ABT Tattoo also uses Bio-hazard removal service from Biotran .

Question three " Are we Licensed Professionals?"

Each artist has been trained in CPR, First Aide and holds a "BBP Certification", which is the prevention of spreading dangerous Blood Borne Pathogens. Each artist is tested yearly for contagious diseases including" Hepatitis A-B-C , HIV and TB." Each artist is licensed with the Henry County Georgia Health Dept..

Question four " how can I prepare for my Tattoo Session?"

The best way to prepare yourself before getting tattooed you'll need to: #1 Hydrate with at least 2 liters of water a day for a week before and after procedure. #2 Remove any dead skin by using a Loofah sponge, lotion the area 2 times a day for a week BEFORE getting tattooed. #3 Get a good night sleep and Don't get drunk the night before your tattoo! Hangovers are no fun while getting tattooed. #4 Set your alarm so you won't be late for your appointment.

Question five "How do I care for my Tattoo?"

We will give you instructions on how to care for your tattoo after the session, please don't listen to your friends on how to heal your tattoo. We are Skin professionals and use the most effective procedure when it comes to healing a tattoo correctly. If you have any questions you can call us during business hours 770-320-9498.

Question six "What are your hours of operation?"

Please, Call for hours of operation and availability

1182 Hwy 155 south McDonough, Georgia. 30253

Phone: 770-320-9498


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