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Specialties: Color Realism, Black and Grey, Portraits, Wild life and Floral tattooing.

Experience: Over 40 years, published since 1989

Now working at a location in Bradenton, Florida.  

Todo's Request Form Appointment Only

 Books are open "Limited Appointments are available."

If we don't contact you back with in 2 weeks of your Appointment request  your project was declined sorry.

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Attention- Todo is no longer in Georgia, he's enjoying soft retirement in south west florida, drawing and only tattooing limited days. 


Master Tattooist Todo,  has been around Tattooing since 1979 but didn't choose it for a career till the 80's. Starting in Huntington Beach, California Todo and his wife Denise took to the road where they have met and worked with a few prestigious Tattoo studios. Todo soon learned many different styles in Tattooing and In 1993 Todo won best overall artist at Hollywood California's Ink Slingers Ball for a photo realistic rendition of chrome on skin. Since then Photo Realism has been his forte' from Portraits to Bio Mechanical. Todo gives credit for his achievements to, Skin Deep Tattoo in Hawaii, Superior Skin Art in Fort Benning, Georgia, Sacred Heart Atlanta, Georgia. Credit also goes to Artist's like Taunee Beekman, Joe Satterwhite, Tony Olivas, Winona Martin and Wild Bill .

Also    "Celebrity Clients", like OZZY, Slash, Scott Weiland and Dean Deleo from Stone Temple Pilots, Joe Perry of Aerosmith, All American Rejects,

The Foo Fighters, No Doubt, Ministry, Slipknot and 2 Chainz played a big part in Todo's  art and Tattooing career. "Thank you for all the great times"!

Todo is by appointment only and has a $500 deposit required to book an appointment, this will go towards your session. After over 40 years of tattooing he only enjoy's working on "large scale Realism style Tattooing," including Portraits which start at $1400, Floral and Animal related images. If you are interested in getting tattooed by Todo please fill out his online form  after reading the Terms and conditions page.

Terms and Conditions

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